Alternative Financing

Can't afford to buy assistive technology? You have options.


Option 1: Assistive Technology Centers

I tried out the Smartnav by borrowing it (for free) from my local Assistive Technology Regional Center at Easter Seals. The device was life-changing, but I couldn't afford to pay $499 to buy one for myself. So I applied and was approved for a "Long-Term Device Loan." Easter Seals bought another Smartnav and is now lending it it to me (for free) for as long as I need it – potentially for the rest of my life.

Many assistive technology centers offer a range of loans and financial assistance options to make sure their technology reaches the people who need it most. Google "assistive technology center" or reach out to your local independent living center to find the closest center to you.

Option 2: Knowbrainer for free

You can download Knowbrainer Professional 17 for free. Just email Knowbrainer a note from your doctor that says you have a disability that would make the software useful.

Knowbrainer picture.png


Option 3: Workplace accommodations

If you work for someone else, talk to your boss or human resources manager. Your employer may be willing to purchase assistive technology as an accommodation to help you do your job.

Option 4: crowdfunding


Share your story on a crowdfunding platform like GoFundMe to raise money to purchase the technology.